Meet the Team


Seasoned professionals making it simpler to market your message, for less investment and get more reach, for longer… taking the pressure off you.

A joint venture of 4 business professionals collectively ready to help you achieve your message to market match providing the necessary marketing elements to move forward the growth of your message.

We all know one another, and trust each other, and we bring skill sets to the group that cannot be matched. We’ve been in the same mentoring group for years now so we see the outcomes we each achieve in business.

Because we respect each others capabilities, it is very easy for us to work together to produce a great result – seamlessly!

And that is how SmartIce evolved – a complimentary team of business professionals focused on your marketing needs.

Save yourself the time and effort, expect the SmartIce group to help you grow your business.

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Our Vision – To provide innovative and cost effective solutions that assist enterprises maximise the reach, results and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns

Our Mission – To combine our experience in a mutually supportive way to create successful, profitable and ethical outcomes for all stakeholders.

Introducing Our Board: (Not in any specific order of importance)

GaryGary MaynardTechnical Director.
20 years of experience in the medical and consumer ice replacement industry. Specialising in design, strategy and marketing. Gary has a focus on medical solutions ranging from post-operative pain relief, to medication transportation and body temperature control.

Gary is currently a director of Medichill, an Australian company also with operations in the United Kingdom.

PeterPeter ButlerBusiness Development Manager South.
Peter provides the group with extensive experience in online digital marketing, website development strategies and social media marketing. He is currently director of Smarter Enterprises, which provides a cohesive approach to developing better relationship and engagement with prospects, leads and existing clients through the internet, email and social media.

He regularly conducts business skills seminars to share this knowledge.

JohnJohn DentonBusiness Development Manager North.
John is a business consultant, trainer, facilitator, mentor and coach. he facilitates workshops and delivers business skills seminars. John has previously served as President of both the Wanneroo and Stirling Business  associations. He had a long career in service, sales and management in the computer and information technology industry in Europe and Australia.

John brings to the team, among many other talents, his specialised knowledge of long term strategic planning.

DianeDiane WilsonChief Financial Officer.
Diane has over 21 years’ experience in the Accounting and Taxation Industry in Australia, coupled with a background of 17 years in a variety of management roles within several large organisations including British Rail, the National Health Service, Heathrow Airport, Jesters and Varig Airlines.

Diane is currently Director of Astute Accountants & Associates Pty Ltd, a public accounting practice that specialises in business management accounting and taxation.