About Smart Ice

A company’s ability to engage and connect with people has to do with it’s imagination.

Your role may be to develop the creative and build a strategy to meet this objective. So what can we possibly say about a potential opportunity that does not fall into the category of marketing speak, besides you know all the tricks.

So we are going for honesty. We want to work with you.

We are a complimentary team of five independent business professionals who have a shared goal of providing unique opportunities for marketers. We believe we have an awesome idea that, with your creative direction, can maximise your message impact.

Sound interesting?

If you have heard it all before, try this – we also offer EXCLUSIVITY for your market segment, on a UNIQUE message canvas, that has a LOW COST per impression.

We understand you are busy and you are probably thinking ‘what is it?’ and ‘how does it work?’. We don’t want to waste your time, that’s why we can help you qualify this, in 15 minutes or less…

Is This Opportunity For You?

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Is This Opportunity For You?