Smartice is a world leading, reusable and water-wise alternative to ice. Used in Tie Chilly Neck Coolers, Cooler Bags and Boxes, and all forms of transport requiring temperature control. A very simple and environmentally sound way of keeping perishables and drinks cool and dry, avoiding the pooling of water associated with normal ice.

The heavy duty, double sided plastic sheets are extremely durable and can be cut to the size required prior to hydration so that you can pack around the contents of your cooler. They stay frozen longer than the same volume of ice and keep your cooler contents dry and intact.
Smartice is the product of choice for use in Tie Chilly Neck Coolers
A comfortable, lightweight and effective solution for keeping cool in the heat, ideal for enjoying a warm summer's day or when working in hot conditions.

They can also be used to reduce the effect of menopausal hot flushes and aid those with a heat intolerance caused by neurological conditions.